Store Licensing

You have permission to use an item you purchased from the GraphicWallet Store for either your own use or the use of a third party under the terms of the license. The product cannot, however, be sold separately or as part of a package where it is the main component and cannot be shared for free.

Free Personal License

Unlimited license

Each download entitles the purchaser to use the product solely for personal purposes. If you want to make the updated version public, you’ll need to buy a commercial license.

Commercial License

Commercial use

Each purchase entitles the buyer to use the product for one commercial project. Please keep in mind that this product cannot be charged to end users and can only be used onc

Extended Commercial License

Can be included in a product for sale

Each purchase entitles the buyer to use the product for an unlimited number of commercial projects. This application is restricted to the same company.

  • Unlimited time

The UpLabs License is not time-limited.

  • No-reselling

The product cannot be used in a product offered for sale or for free, where the product contributes to the core value of the product being sold.

The product may not be used for re-selling, sub-licensing, or sharing purposes, and cannot otherwise be redistributed on its own (even for free). It can be included in a commercial product as long as you purchase the extended commercial license.

  • Free updates

If the creator updates the product, you will receive the latest version free of charge.

  • Site support only

We will assist you in finding and downloading a product, but we will not provide support in using the product.

  • Use in a finished product

The products can be utilized as part of a finished project that is for sale or free. The amount of projects in which it can be utilized is determined by the License type.

  • No exclusivity

A license from GraphicWallet is not exclusive, and other buyers may acquire the same product.

What you can or can’t do

Here is what you may and cannot do when purchasing a product from the GraphicWallet Store

You can

  • You can use the product to create a personal or client project, such as a theme or icon for a website or app.
  • If you have trouble downloading or opening the file, you can ask for help.
  • You or other buyers may purchase the same thing several times.

You can’t

  • An icon, for example, cannot be used as a logo on its own or as the core of the brand.
  • You are not permitted to give the products out on your blog or website.
  • You cannot expect extensive assistance from the product designer or GraphicWallet in order to utilize or modify the product.
  • The product cannot be claimed for exclusive personal or commercial use.

If there are issues under the license

If you are 100% unsure about what is and isn’t permitted under the license

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